Teddy, a Doll Face Persian Chinchilla cat

Welcome to Teddy’s Pet World, a website designed to cater all of our feline friends needs. This website has been created based on a very special cat named Teddy. Teddy is a two year old Doll-face Persian Chinchilla, he is a stay at home cat which means he needs a variety of items within the house to keep his curious mind stimulated and various items to help burn the bundle of energy he has on a daily basis, which is the reason Teddy’s Pet World was created to help other house and domestic cats get everything they need from one site. Here at Teddy’s Pet World we will do all we can to ensure you have a great shopping experience – we will be updating our website on a regular basis so feel free to join Teddy’s club by subscribing to our mailing list. Once subscribed you will receive a free gift for your feline friend with your first order to celebrate the launch of Teddy’s Pet World. We would also appreciate any feedback you might have – please email info@teddyspetworld.co.uk